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This is the personal website of Mike Evans. Like most people I'm many things. Professionally I studied to be an Electronics and Electrical Engineer, but I've spent most of my working career developing software or managing others to do so.

I like three dimensional art, ceramics in particular and I have a small studio at home. I also love to dance: salsa, jive and ballroom. I do try to keep in good shape. I currently practice a strenuous and flowing form of yoga, augmented by sessions in the gym and pool. I try to expand on all of these things on this site. And the most important thing? My (civil) partner David of course!

Thanks for visiting - please have a wander around.

what's new

Our most recent skiing trip was to Formigal in Spain. We received the most dreadful service from the resort, the Melia hotel, and Thomsons Holidays (Part of the TUI group) more...

At a talk to the Kent Linux User Group I floated the idea that we would all be better off if computers had a more human-friendly way for us to idenfy the files we want to access. more...


So you want to know what it means? I'll just refer you to my favourite quote from Alice Through the Looking Glass (Lewis Carroll) which I recall being quoted in a book on computer language compilers which I stumbled on in our local public library when I was about 17:

'When I use a word' Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone 'it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less'.

I hope my tone's not scornful, but you get the idea. Oh and the thing? It's a version of my potter's mark.